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Rental of Two-Way Radios

An affordable and accessible solution

A short, medium, and long-term radio rental service across Quebec

Our radio rental service will meet your needs, expectations, and most importantly, accommodate all budget levels. We are committed to ensuring the success of your events and projects, regardless of the field you operate in. Our experience allows us to offer you quality, robust, and customized communication products.

Our extensive inventory of rental radios is tailored to your needs, and at a highly competitive price. Our team is available to answer all your questions regarding the rental of portable radios.

Submit your request online now! We will reply to your inquiry in less than 24 hours. For urgent inquiries, contact us at 450-429-5573.

Why Rent?

For short-term or infrequent events, renting communication equipment can be more affordable than purchasing. Regardless of your field of activity, by entrusting us with the communication aspect of your event, we offer you a turnkey, affordable, and high-performance solution. This way, you can focus on your operations without worrying about the logistics of your communications.

Jalec offre la location de radios portatives (aussi appelées walkie-talkies et CB) et mobiles analogues et numériques.

What you can rent

Radios portatives analogues à louer
Analog Handheld Radios
Location de radios mobiles analogues et numériques
Analog and Digital Mobile Radios
Location de radios portatives numériques (DMR)
Digital Handheld Radios
Microphones à louer pour radios mobiles ou portatives
Location d'accessoires pour radios portatives et mobiles

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Location de radios
Nous offrons le service de location de radios bidirectionnelles peut importe votre secteur d’activités et selon vos besoins.
Radios Rental Services

We offer two-way radio rental services for any industry sector, tailored to your needs.