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Radio Communication Specialists for over 25 years

Jalec Communication offers a wide range of telecommunication services to meet your needs. Our technical team provides professional methodology and high-level service, encompassing sales, rentals, and repairs. Our offer includes exceptional network coverage and 24/7 emergency service.

Equipment Sales

Jalec Communication is proud to offer its customers a complete range of high-quality radio communication equipment and accessories, suitable for a wide range of professional and personal needs.

They feature an extensive selection of portable, mobile, and fixed radios, ideal for reliable and secure communication across various settings.

Two-Way Radio Rental

As a distributor of Hytera products, Jalec Communication offers two-way radio rental services tailored to various organizations, regardless of their size or the desired duration of use. Our primary commitment is to provide clients from diverse sectors with the opportunity to enhance their productivity efficiently through the use of high-end products designed to meet their specific needs.

Repair & Maintenance

To ensure the reliability and constant availability of your radio communication system, regular maintenance of your equipment is crucial. Whether it is a simple walkie-talkie, a radio base station, or a mobile device, our certified technical team is equipped to repair all types of equipment, regardless of their original brand. We offer a comprehensive range of quick and efficient maintenance and repair services in our workshop, committed to ensuring the optimal functioning of your communication infrastructure at all times.


We provide a professional installation service for all your radio communication projects, whether it is for a simple radio setup or the establishment of a complex radio infrastructure. Our services cater to the installation of equipment on both light and heavy vehicles, ready to meet your specific needs.

Coverage Study

Whether you are experiencing radio coverage issues in your premises or planning to implement a new, high-performance radio system that meets your needs and expectations, the solution lies in optimizing the efficiency of your communication network.

Jalec Communication offers coverage studies tailored to all types of buildings and businesses, regardless of the industry.

The goal of these studies is to determine the best radio infrastructure for your facilities, providing recommendations and options to enhance and improve the quality of your communications.

Communication Networks

Our company takes pride in ensuring exceptional reliability at the heart of its network, which offers extensive coverage. Our commitment to our clients is reflected in robust systems and constant monitoring to guarantee uninterrupted connectivity. You can rely on our network for strong, continuous connection.

Jalec Communication’s networks are perfectly suited for interurban communications as well as for businesses in the transport, construction, excavation, and agriculture sectors, among others.

LTR Analog Network

Since 2009, Jalec Communication has established a telecommunications network in Southwest Quebec, covering the Montérégie region and extending to Sherbrooke, Sorel, Saint-Jérôme, and Ottawa.

Digital Network

A new digital network available since 2014, covering the greater Montreal area and its surroundings.

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Location de radios
Nous offrons le service de location de radios bidirectionnelles peut importe votre secteur d’activités et selon vos besoins.
Radios Rental Services

We offer two-way radio rental services for any industry sector, tailored to your needs.