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Hytera HP782-UL913

Digital portable radio

The failsafe Hytera HP782 UL913 series H DMR radios are at the forefront of technology in terms of creative style and functionality, elevating the industry standard for professional two-way radios.


The HP782 UL913 sets a new benchmark in digital radio communications, providing a more efficient experience with loud and clear sound, longer battery life, an intuitive user interface, extended range, and robustness.


The HP782 UL913 features a 2.4″ TFD-LCD screen and a full keyboard supporting a wide range of functions, a lithium polymer battery with a 24-hour lifespan, GPS, and cutting-edge audio performance.


The HP782 UL913 series H radios provide employees in industries, mines, and energy production with safe, efficient, and reliable communications.

Perfect for
ConstructionEventsProduction and Film

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  • Analog & Digital Radio
  • UHF, 350-470 Mhz, 1-4 W
  • VHF, 136-174 Mhz, 1-5 W
  • Failsafe – UL913
  • 3-year warranty
  • Includes: antenna, belt clip and charger

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