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Hytera TC508

Analog portable radio

The TC-508, one of the flagship products of the leading HYT commercial radio series on the market, is ideal for installations, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, education, and construction. The TC-508, an affordable and reliable two-way radio aimed at businesses and industry, can significantly increase your productivity and management efficiency. The excellent design of the compact and portable TC-508 radios from HYT ensures superior ergonomics. Furthermore, the TC-508 has a battery life of 14 hours for long-lasting performance and great convenience.

Perfect for
ConstructionEventsProduction and Film

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  • Analog Radio
  • UHF, 400-470 Mhz, 1-4 W
  • VHF, 146-174 Mhz, 1-5 W
  • 2-year warranty
  • Includes: antenna, belt clip, battery and charger

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