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Vertex VX-820 Series

Vertex Standard Handheld Radio

Compact and rugged

Don’t be fooled by its size! The smallest radio offered by Vertex Standard is not only discreet and easy to use, but it also incorporates more advanced features than competing products of similar size. Designed for critical conditions and the most demanding environments, the VX-820 radio offers maximum performance in a compact format, both in terms of dimensions and price!


  • 512 channels (VX-829/824)
  • 16 channels (VX-821)
  • Extended band coverage
  • Seven programmable keys (VX-829/824)
  • Three programmable keys (VX-821)
  • Direct channel recall
  • Twelve-character alphanumeric display (VX-829/824)
  • Battery saver RX/TX
  • CTCSS / DCS encoder and decoder
  • User-selectable tone alert
  • Busy channel lockout / Busy signal lockout / Transmitter time-out timer
  • MDC-1200® ANI encoder
  • Temporary and permanent remote unlock and lock (5 tones)
  • Lone Worker feature
  • Compression
  • Low voice
  • Minimum volume control
  • Scanning options: Priority, Dual Watch, channel scan, Dual Watch with channel scan, and direct mode
  • Programmable Local Channel feature
  • Post-to-Post Cloning
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